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SOUR hyaluronique Exfoliant Corps Gabor

SOUR hyaluronique Exfoliant Corps

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Regenerating exfoliating, moisturizing, multiactive

E 'gel-scrub fresh and ultra-practical which stimulates cell turnover and makes the skin very smooth, soft and bright. It has a very high percentage of active ingredients: Water, Orange Blossom and hyaluronic acid. Plus 'contains a synergy made exfoliating beads and crystals Corydon plant that promote the detachment of dead cells, while respecting the skins even more' delicate.

RESULTS Only one application for leave skin smooth and polished, free from dead cells, impurities' and thickening. Gradually, the colorful lights and blends, diminish imperfections and even stretch marks appear less visible. In addition, the exfoliating action stimulates the microcirculation and makes the fabric more 'receptive to further treatments.

Profile for a more 'strong it is advisable to massage the product on dry skin, focusing particularly on areas more' rough. For a more 'delicate you should apply the gel scrub on damp skin. Finally, the easy-rinse formula makes it possible to rinse off any residue easily and fast

CONTAINS orange flower water, refreshing, purifying and rebalancing. Ultra-moisturizing hyaluronic acid.

200ml tube

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