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Age Re-Perfect Pro Calcium Night Treatment L'Oreal

Age Re-Perfect Pro Calcium Night Treatment

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The L'Oreal Laboratories creates Age Re-Perfect Pro-Calcium Night, the complementary treatment to the day cream and a higher concentration of calcium, for very specific needs of mature skin during the night. Its patented complex recharge the skin's football team, to assist the process of self-repair at night.

Why special treatment for very mature skin?
From age 60, the body does not learn the best football. A layer of the epidermis, this calcium deficit weakens the cohesion between the cells. The skin loses its firmness, it dries and becomes more fragile. wake up your face still looks tired and strokes tend to break down.
The L'Oreal Laboratories creates Age Re-Perfect Pro-Calcium Night, the special treatment for skin that acts very mature during the night, when the renewal of the epidermis is more intense.
Its ultra-rich and velvety texture envelops the skin, protects it from the sensation of skin pulling.


  1. A stronger and more toned skin in the morning
  2. Anti-collapse: as the tissues are repaired, more durable, can regain their function of support. The skin appears firmer and more elastic for lasting hold.
  3. Anti-embrittlement: the protective function is strengthened. Deeply moist, the skin is better protected, more resistant.

76% of women have found its effectiveness anti-failure *.
The skin regains its consistency and its estate. Visibly more relaxed, more vital and fresh when you wake up.
* Clinical trial performed on 42 women - self-assessment after 4 weeks.

You use every night on the face and neck.
Avoid the eye area.

Because treatment with calcium?
Calcium is a key determinant of cellular cohesion and thanks to this property plays a key role in skin barrier function. The Pro-Calcium is a highly bio-assimilable calcium.
From the 60 years that the body no longer able to absorb the calcium in optimally (low daily intake, poor absorption).
The skin, therefore, is subject to a deficiency that causes:

  • alteration of barrier function, the skin becomes brittle and loses its strength;
  • a decrease in lipid secretion: the skin becomes dry and dehydrated.

The specific formula of Age Re-Perfect Pro-Calcium Night, specifically designed for very mature skin, works at night to assist the process of self-repair at night. Charged calcium, the skin appears more response, more vital and fresh when you wake up.

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