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Super Tan Activator 3in1 Pupa

Super Tan Activator 3in1

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Super Tan Activator

Want a glowing skin and an intense and prolonged?
Choose Super Tan Activator 3in1 with the exclusive active SUN BOOSTER, stimulator of melanin.

The skin color and 'visibly uniform and bright. The tan lasts more intense golden 'for a long time.
The presence in the formula of a special active moisturizing and Shea Butter ', nourishing and emollient, helps to keep the skin soft and smooth ensuring total comfort even after many hours of sunshine.
Ideal at the end of the day, soothes stressed skin from the sun and salt air and reduces the phenomena of desquamation.

All skin types, also clear, to favor the natural production of melanin.
Particularly suitable for those who want an intense quickly.

Velvety cream is quickly absorbed. Not greasy.

Hypoallergenic. Dermatologically tested.
Without DHA. Paraben Free.
For external use.

The Super Tan Activator can 'be used in three different ways:

Apply the product on face and body in the days before exposure to the sun for:
1. Activate and stimulate the production of melanin for a healthy and naturally tanned, even without sun.
2. Prepare the skin for tanning obtaining a uniform color that creates a base and reduces the time of exposure to the sun.
3. Preventing damage from sun exposure.
4. Moisturize and nourish the skin daily.

The product does not contain any protection factor. During exposure to the sun, apply the product on the face and body under the proper sun protection to your skin type for:
1. Accelerate and intensify production of melanin for a uniform and intense.
2. Reduce the time of exposure to the sun for a tan ultra fast.

Apply the product on clean skin of the face and body:
1. Every day after exposure to the sun to keep the melanin to the optimum state and fix the tan.
2. When back in town 'to prolong the tan.
3. Perfect as a moisturizer and emollient to reduce the phenomena of desquamation.

The Super Tan Activator 3in1 and 'formulated with the innovative Sun Booster, active that stimulates the natural production of melanin, favors the accumulation and presence perfectly uniform in each layer of the epidermis.
Thus favors a quicker tan and ensures an intense color, bright and uniform that lasts.

Size: 200ml

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