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Bioetyc Music Man Kit Deborah

Bioetyc Music Man Kit

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Men's gift sets containing Bioetyc:

  • RELAXING SHOWER SHAMPOO 200ML helping to relax the body after stressful sport or a busy day.
    Anti-stress action: has power rigenerantegrazie all'Antistress Fitoamine Complex, a complex of phyto-extracts of Ivy, Myrrh and amino acids. Hydrates the skin and promotes relaxation.
    Moisturize: leaves hair soft and shiny thanks to the presence of conditioning agents. Hydrates and nourishes dry skin of the face and body.
    Anti-chlorine: chlorine washes away from the skin after swimming.
    Suitable for frequent use, following the sport, dermatologically tested.
  • IMPURITIES cleaning gel '150ML acts effectively on areas with excess sebum, clogged pores or blemishes, giving an immediate feeling of freshness and cleanliness.
    Action matting: the Sebonormine normalizes the secretion of sebum and reduces the dilation of the pores due to its proper 'astringent: also prevents the formation of impurities' in accordance with antibacterial action.
    Purifying: the pool of active ACB Polifruit (fruit acids from bilberry, orange and lemon) has a deep cleansing and moisturizing action:
    Soothing: Aloe Vera plant extract reduces redness and rashes typical of areas with impurities' or pimples.
    Use: morning and evening on wet face, rinse with lukewarm water. Ideal after shaving.
  • SHAVING CREAM NORMAL SKIN AND 3in1 MISTE150ML A single gesture, a single product for the preparation, shaving and skin lacura man.
    Action shaving cream: prepares the skin for shaving by softening the hairs and razor glide easier.
    Soothing pre-shave: it prevents redness and soothes any irritation due to shaving with Aloe Vera Gel bi9sogno without applying aftershave.
    Rebalancing action: thanks to the extract of Spiraea Ulmaria restores the balance of the skin by normalizing the appearance of pores, without applying a special cream bisognodi.
    Application: Apply the cream on damp skin, leave for a moment and proceed with shaving. Rinse with warm water. Dermatologically tested.


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