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COUPEROSYS Extraordinary Face Treatment Hanorah

COUPEROSYS Extraordinary Face Treatment

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COUPEROSYS Extraordinary Face Treatment

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for sensitive skin prone to rosacea


A facial treatment day and night by the rich texture and comfortable. It stimulates the skin to self-defense against external aggression ** and has an antioxidant, protecting the whole surface capillary network * and improving the tone '. The skin, thus protected, will have 'a more colorful' clear, appear 'more' relaxed, with a decrease in wrinkles.

Grape Polyphenols: antioxidant action of the capillary surface.
Propagermanio: allows the skin to regenerate its capacity 'of self-defense, with a specific antioxidant depth'.
Passionflower Oil: Rich in essential fatty acids omega6, improves the barrier function of the skin.
Macromolecules of polysaccharides: they form a film on the surface of the skin by increasing the capacity 'to defend the skin from drying out.

Morning and evening, after cleansing and toning, apply the cream on the face, taking care to avoid the eye area.

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