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Enable Cellulite Cream Pupa

Enable Cellulite Cream

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Enable Cellulite Cream Pupa
Reshape the silhouette in the shower: specciale massage warm effect. Quick application. Massagiare and remove with water.

Active against unsightly:
Peau d'orange
Water retention
Adiposity 'localized

Enable Anti-cellulite cream and 'the ideal treatment for those who want to:
1.Contrastare unsightly:

Cellulite already 'and formed by this time;
Appearance orange peel;
Fatty deposits visible and tactile;
Water retention, swollen tissue and little tonics.

2. A product from rapid to use throughout the year to combat and control the appearance of cellulite and reshape the silhouette.

Quick action: already 'after the first applications blemishes visible cellulite are reduced, the appearance of orange peel is attenuated, the micro reliefs adipose appear smooth.
With prolonged application, the profile of the legs, buttocks and waist tapering, the silhouette is
lightens. The skin looks more 'toned and smoother. Perfect all year to combat cellulite and maintain a profile more 'toned and defined.

Apply daily on cleansed skin and moist. Massaging energetically from bottom to top of the thighs, buttocks, hips and waist until you feel a nice warm feeling, index of the attivita 'of the product. An emphasis on areas affected by cellulite already 'formed, fatty deposits or water retention.
Rinse with a jet of water, preferably cold, for a most invigorating effect.

E 'can make the action of the massage more' energetic and vigorous to further stimulate the microcirculation thanks to the use of the special glove massage, included in the packaging. Made with an innovative fabric, facilitates the application of the cream to obtain a result more 'uniform and effective.

Apply Enable Cellulite Cream 1 time a day. Use the treatment for at least 4 weeks. First results after 2 weeks.

Perfect all year to combat cellulite and maintain a profile more 'toned and defined.
For a 'back in shape' before the summer and 'recommended the use in combination with anti-cellulite treatments Pupa.

Cream rinse fast acting.

Enable Cellulite Cream contrasts cellulite thanks to anti-accumulation of adipose Rhodisterol, Seaweed extract that counteracts fat storage.
Acts directly on the affected area by counteracting the accumulation of fat and contributing to the reduction of cellulite making the skin more 'toned.

Escin, extracted dall'Ippocastano, promotes normal functionality 'microcirculation strengthening the walls of capillaries and helps the elimination of excess fluid in the tissues, for a' decongestantly 'progressive.

Warm effect: the formula self-heating is activated as a result of the massage that optimizes the absorption of assets and supports their effectiveness.
Cold effect: the final rinse in the shower, preferably with a jet of cold water, completes the treatment improving the tone 'skin.

Hypoallergenic. Dermatologically tested.
For external use. Paraben Free.


Tube 250ml


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