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Body Cream Cellulite and Slimming Biopoint

Body Cream Cellulite and Slimming

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Body Cream Cellulite and Slimming

Biopoint Body Care, the exclusive program of treatments formulated with high quality standards, quality active ingredients, in full respect of the skin.

Action: It promotes the reduction of localized fat deposits, visiblmente reduces cellulite, counteracts skin orange peel and helps prevent it from returning in time.

The formulation: Due to the combination of PURE CAFFEINE, SYMFIT and carnitine, helps to drain and remove stagnant fluids stimulating fat metabolism, reducing localized fat deposits, cellulite and counteracting the effect of orange peel. The ESCIN helps improve the vessel and combats water retention, the LOTUS MARINO restores activity 'lipolytic. The AFRICAN KIGELIA and EXTRACT Guaran

The results: The skin and 'firmer, toned and more' elastic. The roundness 'are attenuated and the silhouette and' redesigned.

The quality 'BIOPOINT: Precious formulation Nickel tested, paraben, minierali oils, alcohol and dyes, to be gentle with your skin. Dermatologically tested.

How to use: Apply the cream daily on all parties concerned with a gentle massage to encourage the full absorption of the active ingredients and reactivate the microcirculation.


500ml bottle


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