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Saline Slimming Cream Collistar

Saline Slimming Cream

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Formulated specifically for those with problems of fat associated with water retention, this innovative specialty combines the effective slimming action of the exclusive Collistar Slimming-Complex® with the intensive draining action of concentrated marine salts, which act specifically on fluid retention to ‘deflate’ the areas treated. The treatment is rendered even more effective by the special ‘sheath-film’ texture of the product that accelerates the results.

The results? From the very first applications, there is a pleasurable sense of lightness and the areas treated look “deflated”: smoother and more toned. Then, with the continuation of the treatment, the effects gradually appear more clearly and the silhouette is visibly reshaped.

The ‘sheath’ effect
Soft, creamy and easy to apply, once the product is on to the skin it forms an imperceptible sheath-film that retains the active principles, thus prolonging their effectiveness. This is why it is recommended for usa preferably in the evening, to take advantage of the receptivity of the skin at night.

The ultra-draining power of sea salts
It stimulates the physiological drainage and elimination of excess fluids, thanks to the intense iono-osmotic action of an exclusive mix of over 90 different types of sea salts which, by acting in synergy with the highly-effective atomised solution of sea water, ensuring an ultra-rapid ‘deflating’ effect. As well as draining, the marine salts treat the skin tissues to a mix of oligoelements that provide deep-down regeneration and revitalisation of the skin.

The slimming effect of Slimming Complex®
This exclusive complex developed by the Collistar Researchers is made up of six phyto-extracts selected and blended according to their different capacities of acting on adipose deposits. Green coffee and guarana stimulate the activity of lipases, enzymes that provoke the splitting of fats. Rhodiola rosea increases the level of oxygen in the tissues, thus facilitating lipolysis. Citrus aurantium stimolates thermogenesis, the process through which fats are ‘burned’. Sphacelaria alga helps regulate lipogenesis and prevent the formation of new fat cells. Concentrated and microencapsulated through a special technology that preserves and increases their effectiveness, these extracts activate a process that favours the dislodging and elimination of fats.

The recompacting action
By regularly using, the skin becomes progressively firmer, more tonic and compact, thanks to a new-generation bio-peptide that promotes the synthesis of collagen. In addition, the formula contains shea butter, which guarantees a targeted moisturising and nourishing action.


Inside the product


Sea salts and atomized seawater - draining anti-water, revitalizing action.

Slimming Complex® (Microenpsulated extracts of Alga sphacelaria, green coffee, Citrus aurantium, Rhodiola rosea, ruscus) - lipolytic reducing action.

Biopeptide CL - recompacting action.

Shea butter - moisturizing, nourishing, elasticizing action.


How to use

Apply the cream to the areas to be treated, massaging with circular movements to stimulate the microcirculation and help the penetration and activity of the product.

It should be applied in the evening, to take greatest advantage of the greater draining capacity of the skin tissues at night.

It should be used every day for the first 20/30 days. This period can be prolonged according to individual requirements, then continuing with applications every other day. Used all year round, it is the ideal solution to keep an impeccable silhouette.

WARNING Do not to use on broken or irritated skin. A slight stinging sensation and possible reddening of the skin in the areas treated, which gradually disappear within 30 minutes, are a sign of the activity of the treatment. Avoid contact with the eyes and mucous membranes. In case of accidental contact rinse thoroughly with water. Wash hands after use. Keep out of reach of children. For external use only.

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