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Denim Jeans Pupa

Denim Jeans

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Denim Jeans

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Enamel Special Effect Denim

Special enamel exclusive textures from full color that drying takes the classic demi matt finish and the touch 'rough' fabric jeans.
Nail color full effect denim for a nail look exclusive and ultra trendy.
The maxi applicator big flat brush with bristles 440 cut rounded, guarantees one clearance and release an optimal color for a quick and easy preparation in a single gesture.

Available in 6 shades' Jeans for a manicure extreme trend.

Formula ultra-technological and ultra-performing rich special resins that make the polish resistant and elastic demi matt finish guaranteeing a long life.
The high concentration of micro particles and pigments creates a special play of light and shadow effect matt and reproduces the classic rough touch of the denim.

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