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DERMOLAB Hydra 24 Deborah


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Moisturizing day cream-gel

Cream-gel fresh, long-lasting hydration 24 hours, effect

It works because 'contains:

  • POOL hyaluronic acid with moisturizing and anti-wrinkle, which helps manterere the main characteristics of young skin: legivagezza, elasticity, 'tonicity'.
  • HYDRACTIN, active system that moisturizes and revitalizes the skin with extracts of papaya and brown algae. Also contains ATP, an energy source for the skin metabolism, which favors the increase of the level of skin hydration
  • NATURAL EXTRACT AP, which increases the hydration of the skin due to its affinity 'for the water, combined with the ability' to exchange it quickly. As a carrier of water, and releases easily when 'necessary. Improves the elasticity 'skin and has important properties' protection.
  • MOISTURE AC-PLEX ADVANCE complex hydrating immediate and long term. Contains trehalose, a sugar that boosts the skin's protective barrier


Jar 50ml


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