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Cellulite Mud White Ultra-Fast Pupa

Cellulite Mud White Ultra-Fast

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Mud against unsightly cellulite and orange peel appearance, water retention, fatty deposits' localized.

A real news' in view of the anti-cellulite mud: goodbye to the lounge and exhausting traditional applications of sludge. Treatment focused, fast and ultra-pleasing that you rinse under ladoccia easily and without mess.

How it works:

    Mud White Ultra-Fast fights cellulite thanks to the anti-accumulation given by Caffeine which promotes the burning of fat stored in fat cells.
    The White Clay cleanses the skin and has an occlusive which facilitates the penetration of the active ingredients in the treatment. The escin has strengthening effect on the walls of the capillaries and helps the eliminaizone of excess fluid in the tissues for a


    How to use:
    Apply on dry skin treatment areas (thighs, buttocks, legs, hips) 5-10 minutes before showering in even layer. After 5-10 min rinse under running hot water helping in the removal with the special spatula. The balsamic scent, texture incredibly creamy and the white color makes the software very pleasant and can eliminate the product very easy ', with no mess. Not 'need to cover parts with plastic wrap' cause prodottonon cola.


    Basic treatment: use for at least 4 weeks - 3 times a week for the first and the second week; 2 once a week for the third and the fourth.
    Maintenance: All year 1 time per week for a prolonged action against cellulite.


    Active immediately: already after the first application, the appearance of the treated areas and 'more' tonic. Sensation of lightness on the legs thanks to the immediate draining.
    Gia 'from the first 2 weeks of treatment, cellulite and water retention are reduced. The skin is visibly more 'compact profile gradually lightened.



    400ml tube


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