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Drops Shock Cellulite Pupa

Drops Shock Cellulite

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Cosmetic treatment shock against unsightly appearance of cellulite, consolidated and long anchored, characterized by appearance orange peel and visible fat deposits and tactile.
Ideal also against water retention blemishes, swollen tissue and little tonics.

Thanks to its particular concentration, just a few drops for visible results from the first applications. Cellulite appear reduced, the appearance of orange peel and attenuated micro-polished fat pads. The skin looks more 'toned, smooth and velvety. constant and prolonged application helps slim the profile of the legs and buttocks.

Low risk of allergies. Dermatologically tested. Paraben.

Just a few drops applied daily, morning and evening, on areas affected by cellulite. Deploy a vigorous massage until absorbed. We suggest making the treatment for at least 4 weeks. A pleasant warm feeling and 'index of the attivita' of the product. Oil is quickly absorbed, non-greasy.

lipoactive ACTION
The Marine Plankton extract stimulates the transformation of fat cells in specialized beige fat cells in the transformation of fats into heat energy (thermogenesis), thereby reducing the accumulation of fat.
The result is a reduction in the appearance of orange peel and a progressive remodeling.

The oil Caffe 'Green restores the hydro-lipid film of the epidermis, maintaining the proper balance. On the properties' firming and protective properties, it helps the skin to take on a tonic and smooth appearance.
Precious Natural Extracts from the property 'draining promote the microcirculation of the skin by counteracting the stagnation of liquids present in localized accumulations.


Dropper bottle 200ml


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