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KALODERMA Skin Renew Body Scrub Kaloderma

KALODERMA Skin Renew Body Scrub

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Body scrub with sugar cane, macadamia oil and lavender.
All the well-being and effectiveness of an intensive treatment for smoothing and rejuvenating the skin, just like in a spa.

  • The Union of Sugar Cane granulmetria cane sugar with the salt creates a remarkably gomage eficacia without damaging the skin.
  • Nourishing Macadamia oil and a natural affinity with the skin. Macadamia oil is very soothing and particularly suitable for dry skin
  • Lavender essential oil purifies and helps activate the microcircolazine skin, giving skin a healthy and vital.

Micro-dermal exfoliation: Delete moret cells and impurities' encouraging cell renewal
Skin toned and smooth: Thanks to the specific mix of different grains and oil lavnda, massage activates skin microcirculation
Nourishing and softening: The skin, rnnovata dall'esfoliazione and purified, is ready to best absorb all the benefits of macadamia oil
Revitalizing: The deep rnnovamento phone combined with intensive nourishing oils makes the skin moridissima, smooth and vibrant

Why use it
The skin renews itself constantly replacing dead cells with new cells remain so soft and bright. On average, the complete replacement of all the cells start to a young skin, every 28 days. With the passage of time, and especially around 40 years, this process slows and the cells remain attached as' long on the skin, inhibiting breathing and causing her to lose softness and shine.

How to use

  1. The product comes in a two-stage oil (usually surface) and the other graulosa sugar and salt. After Airlie mixed with the special spatula, massage in a circular the product on dry skin for a strong effect exfoliating scrub or pelleumida for a more 'delicate.
  2. Riasciacquare the product without using bubble bath or soaking in the tub or shower.

Ideal before exposure to the sun because, overhaul the skin, promotes an even tan and less prone to flaking.

We recommend using 1 or 2 times a week.



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