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KOLESTON 1 +1 Wella


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Do not need to shampoo before application.
1. Choice of tonality ': choose the shade you want.
2. Preparation: Mix 1 +1 with the oxidant Koleston cream in a metal container the size of 1 +1, that is one part color and part of oxidant cream. Mix well until a smooth cream.

Dye: Retouching 1 / 2 tube + 30ml oxidant
Complete 1 tube + 60ml oxidant

Lightening NORMAL: retouching by 3 / 4 to 1 tube + 45-60ml oxidant
complete with 1 / 4 to 1 tube + 60-75ml oxidant

Divide the hair into two parts with a parting that goes from ear to ear. Apply the color on lengths and ends to 1-2 cm from the skin, starting from the division made at the center of the head. Head towards the neck and the center toward the front.

With heater 5 to 10 minutes.
Without heat for 10 to 20 minutes.
When the shutter speed to distribute the color even on the base.

With Heater 15 minutes.
Without heat 30 minutes.
Rinse well the color emulsify. Make a light shampoo.

Apply the color on the roots starting from the division made at the center of the head. Head towards the neck and the center toward the front.

With Heater 15 minutes.
Without heat 30 minutes.
Lengths and moisten with water points, then distribute the product throughout the hair.
Leave for another 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse the color emulsify. Proceed with a mild shampoo.

Avoid product contact with eyes. Rinse immediately OCN water if product comes into contact with eyes. Use disposable gloves. Can 'cause an allergic reaction. It 'important to observe certain precautions and not use the product to avoid problems of greetings in the following cases: If you have already had an allergic reaction to hair dyes, if the skin is sensitized, highly irritated or if you have injuries. The warnings carefully read the instructions for use.
Keep out of reach of children. Do not make permanent just before or after staining. Do not use if you previously applied a color-based metal salts. Carefully follow the instructions regarding the installation time (individual cases may be taken into account). Rinse hair well after application. Immediately flush any remaining dye mixture deposited on skin or clothing. Strong sweating can 'cause a loss of color and stain tesuti. Use immediately the mixture of color. Discard any unused mixture of color. In case of unexpected reactions such as severe redness, burning or rash during application, rinse immediately with lukewarm water and discontinue use of the product. Before you color your hair again, get to follow the advice of a doctor in order to prevent a possible worsening of the reaction. Do not let the mixture of color in a tightly closed container, it may swell and burst. We recommend a preliminary test the sensitivity '. Not to test yourself to avoid the health hazards caused by a test carried out incorrectly. Consult dermatlogo for mode 'exact realization of the test.

Continuous exposure for professional reasons, to agents such as detergents, shampoos and soaps can 'cause impover of the mantle hydrolipidic coreneo layer of the skin. The skin of the hands is then to be particularly exposed to external agents and thus should be protected by means of special creams and disposable gloves to protect the hand well, is to recommend that the application of professional products is made in well-ventilated to avoid inhaling dust during the removal of bleaching products. E 'should also, during periodic medical examination, undergo a test audit of awareness in respect of products which can give an allergic reaction.

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