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Optical smoothing 5 sec Garnier

Optical smoothing 5 sec

Price: € 7,90
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Smoothing Cream corrector instant - instant rejuvenating effect

For me?
Yes, if you are looking for a solution that immediately and visibly corrects irregularities' skin: wrinkles, pores, irregularities' and lucidity 'of the skin. It 'just a few seconds to get unap elle smooth, glowing and looking more' young.

In what and 'different?
With Straightening Optical 5 sec, Garnier creates the blue: a new generation of products with optical effect. Its colorless formula corrects and visibly reduces irregularities' of the skin (wrinkles, pores, irregularities', lucidity ') for a skin more' uniform and looking more 'young in 5 seconds.

How does it work?
Its formula, created thanks to an innovative technology, and 'concentrated light reflectors with exceptional properties' optics. Scatter light in all directions instantly to correct the irregularities' and the skin: wrinkles, pores, irregolarit'a fade effect to a photo-retouching rejuvenating immediately visible.

How to apply?
This product is applied after the day cream all over your face. Its ultra-smoothing texture leaves skin feeling incredibly soft, light and silky. Before each use, for an optimal distribution of the texture, shake the tube down (the pipe plug must 'be oriented toward the ground.


30ml tube


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