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Lorilù 100ml

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Lorilù is a cream of youth who return gray hair to its natural color.

It is a solid nor a chachet, but a product you can ch 'easy to apply and eliminates the gray hair in a natural way and, what matters most', gradually, the color does not change abruptly with a single application, but little by little. After a few days the hair take on a natural color that gives a youthful appearance and enhanced security by facilitating relationships with others.

The gray hairs are the result of a natural process by which the melanin, which is the substance that is the color factor decreases more and more ', until the hair from gray to white. There are different types of melanin, according to the natural color, but simply this varies depending on the amount ': More' = melanin dark hair, brown or blond hair = less melanin.

Lorilù works on all hair types and you can 'use up part of the hair, where you want to Elmina gray. It takes about ten days of regular application to obtain a natural and lasting results, even after repeated washings, even after this, the hair will be soft, shiny, refurbished.

Lorilù antigrigio contains Panthenol, provitamin B5, which protects and fights the fragility 'of the hair and encourages their volume.

It is recommended that the application in the morning, repeating if necessary, even in the afternoon to make up the color of your choice.

Suggested use: Shake before use and apply giornalemnte for about 10 days, as a regular cream or lotion, massaging the roots. The exposure of the treated hair to sunlight will increase 'more' rapidly the effect of repainting. Wash hair as usual and do not use while other preparations. After the first period of daily use, will be 'sufficient to apply the product once or twice a week. Lorilù does not smell, not greasy and not alcohol.

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