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Luxury Soap Atkinsons

Luxury Soap

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Luxury Soap

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NOVITA '2009 Atkinsons

Vegetable-based soap arrippito with creamysoap. Delicate face and body, leaving your skin the rich fragrance of their perfume sought.

  • Patchouli: originating in Malaysia and Indonesia, the patchouli was important in England in the middle 'of the nineteenth century. The story goes that became particularly popular in Victorian times and used as a base for perfumes and potpourri. Still the essential oil of patchouli is the basis of wonderful scents oriental chypre and boisè.
  • Cedar wood is said that the king of Assyria at Nineveh built his magnificent palace with cedar wood, a symbol of immortality, 'eternity', strength and vigor. These features are found in the essential oil, always used in perfumery for the male character bois, elegant and eternal.
  • Neroli is said that the essential oil of neroli takes its name from the Italian princess Nerola, Duchess of Bracciano, who at the time of Louis XIII fell in love with 'the essence of orange blossoms and early' to spread to Lazio perfuming gloves. Today the essential oil of neroli, note slightly honeyed jasmine is popular in oriental perfumes, flowers and citrus.
  • Bitter Orange: ccording to Greek mythology, the dowry of Juno, wife went to Jupiter, consisted of some small trees whose fruits were the wonderful golden globes, oranges, a symbol of fertility 'and love. The essential oil of bitter orange, the sour citrus note, has always used in the waters of Cologne.



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