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OXY underarm and bikini hair removal strips Oxy

OXY underarm and bikini hair removal strips

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OXY underarms and bikini hair removal strips with vegetable extract of marigold.

Allow perfectly and permanently remove unwanted hair fully respects the skin. OXY Hair Removal of the formula strips with extracts of calendula contain ingredients perfectly balanced that, through their selective adhesiveness 'hair and the very high dermal tolerability', offer a ride firmly and effectively and minimize the redness of the skin and risk of irritation of the hair bulb. Thanks to a format ready for use and support the soft fabric no fabric, OXY depilatory strips allow a quick tear, easy and very painful, as they contain extracts from calendula soothing power: increased efficiency and reduced skin trauma.

The exclusive post depilatory treatment practices plays an important wipes decongestant, thanks to the active oil azulene which propriet'a calming and soothing. While removing any traces of wax, develops a pleasant fresh from 'relief from skin burns and rashes, the capillaries helps to recover quickly from stressu for ripping and leaves the skin smooth and soft.

Use: Make sure your skin is dry and clean, without residual oils or waxes.

  1. Warm gently strip double wiping his hands for about 30 seconds
  2. Slowly and gradually separate the two edges to obtain two strips
  3. Apply a single strip on the part to remove the hair lay in the direction of hair growth to make it adhere well
  4. Hold with one hand stretched skin on the opposite side tear that should be a swift and decisive movement in the opposite direction of hair growth. If necessary, repeat the operation.

Each strip can 'be used more' times.
After shaving use wipes to remove any post depilatory wax residues.


Box of 20 strips + 4 napkins post depilatory depilatory

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