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Radipil depilatory wax soluble DROPS IN Gabor

Radipil depilatory wax soluble DROPS IN

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Hot depilatory wax to the pure virgin beeswax produced and made in small drops that dissolve quickly and allow you to use the amount 'required without waste. It is used normally like any depilatory waxes hot, with the advantage of a more 'quick and easy preparation.

Directions: Dissolve the quantity 'of the desired wax in a pan on direct heat very low. Wait for the wax to optimum temperature to fall and roll out the application on the part to remove the hair so that it adheres very well. When the strip of wax will be 'strong enough (not dried), the tear sliding and work against the grain.

For professional use, you can melt the wax by placing drops directly into the can which contains the heater or on direct heat very low with the aid of a flame spreader retina.
Handling of hot milk is recommended for universal use of handles for cans of wax.

300g jar

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