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Radipil man depilatory strips Gabor

Radipil man depilatory strips

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Depilatory strips-off ready for use.



  • Thoroughly clean the part to remove the hair with alcohol.
  • Rub between your hands the two sheets that contain the depilatory in order to adapt it to their own body temperature. This should be more 'long and vigorous presence of cold ambient temperature.
  • Separate the two sheets.
  • Fall back on itself one of the two sheets making sure that the product remains inside. This sheet will be 'used at a later time when the first will be' uprooted covered with hair.
  • Apply the depilatory strip on the part to remove the hair, taking care to make it stick perfectly through a rapid rubbing motion with his hand, always in the direction of hair growth.
  • Pull the strip with a sharp blow in the direction done counter, holding it absolutely parallel to the part to remove the hair, grazing the skin. This action is necessary to obtain a perfect and painless hair removal.
  • Each sheet MAY 'be used many times until the hair torn out, accumulating, there will nullify the action of the tear itself. After using three or four times a depilatory strip, fold in on itself with your hands to reactivate by heating the wax.

FACE, COSTUME, delicate parts:

  • Strip Depilatory Radipil man can 'use for the face, small areas and delicate parts, cutting it into strips with a LEF orbici the extent necessary. This operation must take place before separating the two sheets containing the wax inside.


IMPORTANT: in the presence of hair very long, sepcialmente sensitive areas and at locations where the skin is very elastic it is appropriate to reduce the length with scissors about 1 cm before proceeding with the rip.

To remove residuals: if, after shaving, with some residue of wax on the skin, you can eliinarli applied over a clean piece of cellophane or the same strip of cloth, then proceed with a new wrench.

WARNING: Being a heat-sensitive products is recommended in subjects with skin fresh, to start applying a gentle massage on the part to remove the hair thus obtaining the optimal warmth of the epidermis so that the strip can join Depilatory perfectly.


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