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S Active Selenium Shampoo oily hair L'Oreal

S Active Selenium Shampoo oily hair

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For hair with a tendency to gain weight Laboratories have created L'oreal Elvive Dandruff Active Selenium S * Specific
hair tend to gain weight acting against the stubborn dandruff from the first application and eliminates the annoying itching.

* Selenium disulphide


An ultra-potent molecule that eliminates the persistent dandruff

Laboratories L 'Oreal were able to stabilize a formula shampoo Active Selenium S *, powerful anti-dandruff agent.

Designed to operate effectively without damaging the scalp is distributed evenly and is fixed to act:

1) Faster: 1st use to eliminate dandruff attack even the most tenacious and quickly to calm the itching.

2) The longer it is so effective against the recurrence of dandruff for several weeks after stopping treatment **.
Free from dandruff in your hair shine and tone found.

* Contains selenium disulphide, avoid contact with eyes or damaged skin.
** Results after continuous use for 4 weeks.

The program specifically for hair with dandruff persistent

Elvive Dandruff Active Selenium S * 3 is a range of shampoos for treating persistent act effectively against dandruff without damaging the scalp (hair normal hair tend to gain weight and menthol freshness).

Elvive Dandruff Active Selenium S is effective from the first application and eliminates dandruff faster and longer **.
* Selenium disulphide
** Elvive with Active Selenium S vs Elvive with Equaderm


Apply the product, gently massage the scalp and then leave on a moment.
Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.
Formulated to meet the hair and scalp. Can be used whenever you wish.

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