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Oro di Spello Oro di Spello

Eco Bio-Dermocosmetici oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Spello

Gold Spello and 'a Bio-Ecological cosmetics line certified by ICEA, Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification, internationally accredited.
The ICEA certification guarantees the use of pure ingredients, only organic, natural and compatible with the skin, especially suitable for sensitive skin intolerant and allergic.
Safe products with low environmental impact, without the use of GMOs, without the use of ionizing radiation and without resorting to animal testing.

Olive oil has always been used for the beauty of the body, has a composition in perfect fat to the skin, it significantly slows down skin aging by acting as an emollient, moisturizing in all states of dryness and skin peeling.

The properties 'cosmetic extra virgin olive oil are enhanced by typicality' of the oil produced in Spello, where the characteristics of the soil, rich in stone and clay, favor the production of fruits exceptionally rich in polyphenols, real natural antioxidants .

The climate, the slow maturation of the olives, the rate of acidity 'very low, making the Spello extra virgin olive oil an ingredient of what highita 'in the production of Bio-Cosmetics.