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Cacharel and 'a French brand of clothing, perfumes and accessories. and was founded in 1962 by Jean Bousquet, inspiration for the name of a local breed of ducks, Garganey.

Bousquet was the son of a sewing machine salesman who is enrolled in a school to become a tailor. Work 'for two years at a stylist, before opening his own fashion house in Le Marais. Following the success of his first collection, Bousquet I create 'brand Cacharel. To make the brand, one of the most 'prestigious worldwide contributed Elle magazine that same year of the foundation of the company dedicate' a cover to it.

In 1975 Bousquet contracted the 'L'Oreal to create a perfume for his brand. It was created in 1978 AnaFrench active in clothing, accessories and perfumes.

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