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Rituale IndiRituale Indi

From the wealth of Jaipur, the ancient capital of Rajasthan, known as the "pink city" for the color of the stones of its monuments, the Colonials have drawn the secrets for creating rich, highly nutritious products, where for the first time, extracts of precious stones combine the properties of flowers and spices to create a line of exceptional wealth.


A path of beauty that unfolds in four stages:

Step 1: Clean
Step 2: Exfoliation
Step 3: Nutrition
Step 4: Scent


India, with its wealth of precious stones, plants, flowers and spices from the various and secret cosmetic properties has always praised the care of the body as an art that will also give a physical and sensory pergorsi creating beauty in a position to nourish the skin giving it velvety aspect that Indian women perform with effortless elegance.