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Alyssa AshleyAlyssa Ashley

The complete line of perfumes and toiletries of classic fragrances and news' Alyssa Ashley.

Alyssa Ashley and 'a brand born in the sixties in the United States thanks to the passion of a contemporary artist who, in addition to paintings, he wanted to express his passion for art through the world of fragrance. The design of the bottles and 'was designed by the same artist and the name of the brand comes from the name and the nickname of his daughter more' young.

The thirty-year success of the classic lines - Musk, White Musk, Fizzy, Vanilla and Vanilla Coco - and 'was followed by that of the fragrances more' as new Essence de Patchouli, Esoteric, Oud and Ambre Gris.
The ingredients, carefully chosen from the best raw materials, mixed with wisdom in a special formulation, create the fragrances we know and love for years. Try the one that's right for you! And do not forget the everyday actions that complete the fragrant beauty routine, such as shower gel, body cream and deodorant of the same fragrance.