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Special Perfect Hair - Anti-Hair Loss for MenSpecial Perfect Hair - Anti-Hair Loss for Men

Weak Hair Prone to Loss

Falling hair is, in itself, a physiological occurrence. The problem arises when there is not a normal regrowth to compensate for the loss or, if there is, it is too slow to balance out falling hair with growing hair. Hair thinning and loss can be traced to a number of hereditary and hormonal factors, but also to a hectic lifestyle, unbalanced diet and excessive stress. Whatever the cause, it frequently results in irreparable damage to the hair bulb.

A highly advanced strategy designed especially for men, consisting in a definite answer to hair loss with scientifically proven results. Safe, effective and without side-effects, the Collistar anti-hair loss specialties act on all fronts to strengthen the hair, reinforce its anchorage to the scalp, preventing it from falling and encouraging regrowth. These products are also recommended as a preventive treatment to be used at the very first signs of thinning and in the case of a genetic predisposition to the problem.

• GP4G® Complex, a patented biotechnological complex which stimulates the metabolic and germinative activity of the hair bulb; prolongs the lifecycle of the hair; neutralizes free radicals and the aggressions of UV radiation; relaunches the production of the basic constituents of the capillary structure.
• Extract of Ginseng and Vitamin E: reinforces, combats the formation of free radicals
• Vitamins F and B6: nourish, protect, tone, make the hair soft and elastic.
• Volumizing polymers: adhere to the surface of the hair, making it more compact, vigorous and resilient.
• Moringa oleifera extract: protects the hair against pollution, smog and fine dust.
• Lipo-amino-acids combined with panthenol-silicone: protect from thermal and mechanical stress (excessive hairdryer heat).
• UV-A and UV-B filters: shield the hair from light radiation.