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Hyper-Sensitive SkinsHyper-Sensitive Skins

From Collistar Research, this line offers a cosmetically advanced and dermatologically safe treatment for hypersensitive and couperose skin types.
Reconstructs the skin’s protective barrier - The main problem with these types of skin is their incapacity to defend themselves from external aggressions as they are not adequately protected by the skin barrier. For this reason all the products of the Line contain the exclusive Matrixin-Complex® which reinforces the protective skin barrier, essential for its defence against external aggressions.
Soothes, rebalances and desensitises - An innovative extract of plant embryonic cells taken from the lilac flower reduces the reactivity of the skin and gradually restores it to a normal balanced condition. It stimulates the self-repairing capacity of the tissues and carries out an intense and effective anti-free radical action.
A synergical treatment system - The specialties of the Line have been formulated to act according to a targeted synergy. It is important, therefore, to use them in every phase of the treatment, which begins in the morning with the specific cleansing and toning products.
All the products have been formulated without scents, colouring agents, alcohol, soap, chemical emulsifiers and known allergens and have been dermatologically tested on hypersensitive and couperose skins.