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The thousands of perfumes currently existing count un'ormai huge variety 'of raw materials a fragrance that differentiate them and make them unique.
Despite this diversity ', each perfume is due to a family well-defined nose, which differs from the others to get on it of the specific ingredients that define its main theme.
These Olfactory are five:

  • Prototype Fouga
  • EAST

The subfamilies OLFACTORY
In addition to the main categories above, then there are the subfamily that help describe and give character to the scent, regardless of the main family belongs to.
The olfactory subfamilies are multiple

  • Citrus fruit: the presence of essences derived from citrus fruit (bitter orange, bergamot, lime, tangerine, qumquat, lemon, etc.) makes these compositions particularly fresh and volatile)
  • AROMA: refers to arrangements in which the highlights aromas typical of the Mediterranean such as lavender, basil, rosemary, sage, everlasting, etc., are widely used in men's fragrance
  • MARINA / ozone molecule through Calone, evoke the sea breeze, with hints of iodine and oxygen wet loads
  • ALDEHYDES: aliphatic aldehydes (first notes of synthesis used in a fragrance) associate impressions of water to a character pungent
  • FLOWERS: the hallmark of this theme is the presence of flowers like rose, jasmine, lily of the valley, the gardenia, iris. With new technologies today there are also the flowers of cacti and orchids
  • FRUIT: greedy gradient built with hints of pineapple, strawberry, peach, apricot, melon, raspberry, currant, etc., and these are only hints of this synthesis is impossible to distill the fruits
  • GREEN: is the freshness of vegetable Trim grass, leaves and stems, and this gradient is of a discreet and transparent, so that usually animates the agreement of the head
  • SPICY: it evokes the Orient with a profusion of cinnamon, cloves, pepper, coriander, cuimino, cardamom, etc. it is a very popular trend since the seventies
  • WOODY: We are known by all the woody scents, varying only the strengths, why "fix" the composition, the main ones are sandalwood, patchouli, the guaiac, cedar and rose NITED
  • Prototype Fouga: The name derives from the historic perfume Houbigant 1882, Fougère Royal precisely when for the first time, the aromatic scent of lavender is combined with oak moss and vetiver
  • CYPRUS is the female equivalent of Fougère, a very successful meeting between the bergamot and oak moss. Here too, the name derives from a fragrance milestone: Chypre Coty
  • Leather is a strand first born with the desire 'to recreate the smell of rawhide, then to describe the substances used in the curing of birch or tarry tannins
  • GOURMAND: This Agreement is released from position papers that recreate the flavor of chocolate, honey, chocolates, etc., and today is widespread, evokes memories reassuring involving children
  • EAST: is the sub-inspired origins' old perfume, with a profusion of spices (primarily the cinnamon), resins and balsams (like myrrh, and benzoin opoponax)
  • AMBER: Close to the world of Oriental fragrances, this subfamily interprets hints of ambergris, or the animals and balsamic nuances such as myrrh and vanilla
  • CYPRUS: not to be confused with the term chypre, this theme refers to fragrances that evoke impressions of talc anda little 'back of powders and cosmetic powders
  • MUSKY is a topic characterized by the presence of musk Tonkin, now unobtainable, or the secretion of a deer of the Himalayas, pet odor, dry, sweet and persistent

E 'also useful to remember that each fragrance is composed of top notes, heart and end:

Text, they are the first impressions from the moment you smell the perfume on the skin. Are collected for the first ten minutes
HEART: they are the middle notes of the perfume, the most 'characteristics of the fragrance, which bind to the skin and remain appreciable up to 4-6 hours
FUND: is the final shade of the perfume, the note left on the skin where the agreement heart fades