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ACID hyaluronique Grandesoirée Visage Gabor

ACID hyaluronique Grandesoirée Visage

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Acid hyaluronique Grandesoirée Visage
Lamellar Emulsion Illuminating Anti-rides hyaluronique à l'Acide et a la Poudre d'Or ~ Brightener Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Treatment with Hyaluronic Acid and gold dust

An ultra-performance formula that, thanks to the innovative structure "laminated" carries the precious active ingredients to deeper layers of skin.
In addition to a 'high concentration of hyaluronic acid, contains ingredients selected from moisturisers and anti-aging properties - jojoba oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil and aloe.
But the plus of this treatment is the gold dust that gives instant radiance to the skin and, day after day, stimulates cellular regeneration, oxygenates the tissues deeply and preventing the formation of free radicals.
Soft and creamy texture, absorbs immediately and is an excellent makeup.

Jar 50ml

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