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Active Light Pupa

Active Light

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Active Light

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Foundation of Light Activator - perfect skin
SPF 10 - Oil Free

The light that comes dal'innovazione.
A mix of Spherical Powders & Pigments Bright that activate and enhance the natural luminosity 'of the face.
Melting texture from the extreme comfort, lightweight and easy to wear for a satiny skin and silky.
The ultra-feminine delicate fragrance enhances the freshness and sensorial '.
The sunscreen SPF10 protects your face from the harmful rays of the sun for skin that glows with beauty.

The result?
Bare skin perfect, zero defects and a perfect hold all day.
Available in six colors formulated to suit all skin tones.
Adjustable coverage from natural media.

The technology uses Active Light Spherical pigments that give the complexion a fresh result and a bare skin effect.
The Mallow Extract gives long-lasting comfort thanks to the properties 'while moisturizing and softening the Extract Lotus Flower Blue, owned by the' anti-oxidants and anti-wrinkles, gives skin a smooth and uniform.

A low risk of allergies. Dermatologically tested.

Apply a touch of foundation in the center of the forehead and spread with movements touch the inside out, taking care to blend well the hairline.
Repeat the process starting from the center of the nose, blending well to the sides not to create anti-aesthetic product buildup.
Repeat the process starting from the center of the cheekbone, stretching across the cheek with large movements towards the temples, on both sides of the face.
Deglaze the area sopralabiale, covering also the labbra.Completare with a touch of product onto the center of the chin, blending well to the outside and to the zigomi.Con open hand, then fade from the chin to the base of the neck pick up other product , not to create anti-aesthetic detach color.


Bottle of 30ml


EXCLUSIVE LAUNCH PRICE EURO instead of 15:00 '18.90!


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