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Bouclier DE L'ongle Mavala

Bouclier DE L'ongle

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Strengthens and protects weak nails

The nail plate is a cornea living dall'indurimento composed of epidermal cells. E 'enough that the foreign matter from entering into these cells because their normal resistance decreases.
And now, at this point, the nail becomes soft, brittle and splits.

Bouclier L'ongle consists of two phases, totally protecting the nail from all attacks and shocks, allows it to recover and regenerate.

STEP 1 - A NYLON FIBER fortifying formula on which they were joined by nylon fibers that are distributed uniformly over the surface with a mixture of the nail to strengthen it as effectively as if it were a second nail.

STEP 2 - level
the role of the level and smoothing the surface of the nail eliminanado the slight roughness of the nylon fibers used previously.

This product is applied in two stages
PHASE I: The nylon fibers form a particularly grating on the surface of the nail stronger.
PHASE II: The level that serves to eliminate any small roughness, and, therefore, allows for continued manicure.

1) Apply a layer of nylon fibers over the entire surface of the nail. Allow to dry until they feel the nylon fibers that are distributed on the nail and have formed a network that reinforces it. The nail is slightly wrinkled.

2) Apply a layer of leveling and let dry completely. If we see that the nail is still wrinkled apply another coat and let dry completely. Now the nail is smooth and you can continue your manicure.

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