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Caffeine Capsules Cellulite Escin Collistar

Caffeine Capsules Cellulite Escin

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Capsule Anticellulite Caffeina+Escina

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Cellulite capsules dose for shock action

By Collistar the new frontier of research dermo-cosmetics: Active Puri against cellulite.
An exclusive specials 'that combines the two most' effective anti-cellulite active ingredients - Caffeine reducingEscin draining - for un'azine bump against this imperfection.

Realized thanks to the more 'advanced technology, single-dose capsules contain the optimal dose of caffeine and escin in their most' pure water or seam 'preservatives, and keep them intact until time of use.

Suitable for all types of cellulite, even for the more 'rooted and hardened, make the skin more quickly' soft and smooth, and already 'after the first applications, mitigate the unsightly appearance to' orange peel '. Day after day, the zones 'mattress' become less obvious, and cellulite are progressively reduced.

Perfect for the professional massage are effective alone or alternating with other specialia 'cellulite. Depending on the individual needs may be: utiizzate as initial shock action prior to use of other products, alternate morning or evening to another specialty 'cellulite, use every other day or every other week to another cellulite.


Formulas well without water, no preservatives, alcohol, perfumes and dyes.


Bottle of 14 capsules dose 4ml each.



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