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To give a flawless appearance to the cuticle

The ruined cuticles give an impression of carelessness to nails, and a lovely hand becomes unattractive.

The Antiseptic Creams MAVALA softens the skin and gently separates the cuticle of the nails. This allows you to push them behind the crescent and thus obtain a perfect nail contour.
The Antiseptic Creams MAVALA must be applied daily, preferably in the evening to allow the creams Antiseptic to act during the night.
The Antiseptic Creams MAVALA not ruin the enamel. - Softens skin and gently separates the cuticle. - Allows a perfect nail contour.

The formulation requires a massage cream that increases their effectiveness.

1) Apply around the nail CREME Antiseptic, particularly behind the crescent.
2) Massage the cuticle of the finger to the hand and let it penetrate.
3) Push back the cuticles with the help of a stick from manicure.
4) Remove all traces of gently Antiseptic creams from your fingernail, manicure before, MAVALA 002 and to allow the glaze to adhere.

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