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Thinners for enamel

The ideal consistency for a glaze is one that allows its application with a thin film.
If the glaze is not smooth, they must be diluted with a solution specifically designed, not with the release of solvents or acetone, because these two products cause rapid separation of substances contained in the glaze.

Before applying the glaze is recommended to check the consistency. If it is too thick to pour a few drops DILUANT POUR VERNIS A ongles the vial and shake vigorously.

To get the best result possible DILUANT should be added at least 20 minutes before use enamel.

- Two or three layers of enamel hold better than a single layer that is squama frequently at the beginning of the second day.
- We must quickly perform a manicure to prevent evaporation of the enamel.
- You frequently clean the neck of the bottle and the brush with cotton swab soaked in Dissolvant.
- We must always keep the enamel tightly closed.

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