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Dr.FUKUJ Massage Feet and Ankles Dr.FUKUJ

Dr.FUKUJ Massage Feet and Ankles

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Massage cream for feet and ankles with Mint, Butcher's Broom and Sage

The treatment is therefore characterized in different actions: - RESTORING SKIN, thanks to the moisturizing complex, the lipid system sebosimile (hydrogenated lanolin, vegetable fat), vitamin F (essential in the reconstruction of the cell walls). - SANITIZER AND TOILET AREA, thanks to ALLANTOIN and extracts of SAGE MINT and contributing to the resolution of the cracks and prevent any proliferation of microorganisms. - BALANCING THE SURFACE CIRCULATION, thanks to extracts of horse chestnut, the ruscogenine and CANFORA. COMPOSITION: vegetable fats and their derivatives, derivatives of vegetable oils, moisturizing complex glycol / glycerin, hydrogenated distilled lanolin, allantoin, vitamin F, pH balancers agents and preservatives hypoallergenic, micro-filtered deionized water and ultrapure category, extracts and essential oils of mint , camphor horse chestnut, riscus and sage.

USE: massage your feet daily (preferably in the evening by the edges' of the foot to the calf) then leave to absorb. If necessary, after a few minutes dab the'' excess cream with a tissue.

Jar 100ml

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