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Normal Hair straightening cream


  • Make a shampoo gentle
  • Separate the hair into four sections (front, back and ear orecchoi)
  • Wear suitable gloves. Pour a sufficient amounts being in a bowl of cream Eucrol non-metallic
  • Quickly apply the cream with your fingers or a brush, avoiding any contact with the scalp
  • Take the hair for a better distribution of the product
  • Start by going up gradually from the nape to the front
  • In the case of first application, if the lengths are sensitized, treatment applied before the tube, then the cream from root to tip
  • In subsequent applications, protect the lengths and ends with the vial of treatment, then apply the cream only on the regrowth
  • For complete application, start with the shutter speed to smooth and proceed with the palm or the back of a comb. Repeat the smoothing over 'times during the exposure time
  • Apply on the other product areas where it is poorly distributed and to insist on fine hair of the attaches, without pulling
  • The exposure time is determined according to the sensitivity 'of the hair and straightening desired.
    Natural hair: 10 to 20 minutes
    Sensitized natural hair: 5 to 15 min
  • The total exposure time, including time of application, must not exceed 30 min


  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water until complete elimination of the cream smoothing the hair combed or hand-FREE PULL MY HAIR
  • Blot your hair with a towel, without rubbing
  • Apply carefully and smooth the hair fixative
  • Leave on for 5 min
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Proceed usual hairstyle never pull the hair too much heat

Eucrol is a straightening cream dessert. On some hair, a smooth complete you may 'be obtained after a second application. If your hair is not quite smooth or only if it is not sensitized, stretch lengths on the last 5 / 10 min.



  • 100ml tube of cream
  • Fixer 90ml
  • Treatment 15ml bottle

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