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Fluffy Velvet Nail Art Kit Pupa

Fluffy Velvet Nail Art Kit

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Fluffy Velvet Nail Art Kit

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Wrap yourself up in elegant velvet robes and your nails with a sophisticated nail art effect never seen before!
A kit exclusive and ultra glamorous look for a soft velvet 3D inspired by the latest catwalk trends.

2 innovative products for fine nail art in a few simple steps.

The kit contains:
1. LASTING COLOR - Enamel brilliant. The formula Pupa Best Sellers as the perfect base to create the nail art Fluffy Velvet. Extreme shine and intense color.
2. FLUFFY VELVET - Dust colored velvet, flocked finish for a super glamorous.
3. MINI BRUSH - Perfect for use on the nails, allows you to remove the excess velvet powder without damaging the nail art.
4. TRAY - Convenient plastic tray, perfect for nail art Fluffy Velvet achieve without losing the velvet powder.

Instructions for use:

1. Always use an individual basis PUPA before applying the color you have chosen to protect the nail and increase the resistance of the enamel.
Apply the polish Lasting Color on all nails and wait 5 minutes to complete drying.

2. Work fingernail at a time, apply another coat of enamel Lasting Color, pour the velvet powder on the enamel still wet using the lid of the container as the basis for working towards nail art.

3. Remove excess powder by gently velvet mini brush on the nail and wait 15 minutes until completely dry. Pour the excess powder in saline using a corner of the tray.

The Nail Art Mania Fluffy Velvet is removed with nail polish remover Nail PUPA and cotton pads.
Just soak the disk (which can 'also be used cut in half') with the nail polish remover, place it on the nail by pressing and let it work for about 1 minute.
At this point you can 'remove the nail art movements from the base at the far end' of the nail.
Then repeat this for all the nails and wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and mild soap.

Lasting Color: the ultra-technological and ultra-high-performance full of special resins that provide a film super bright and durable. Texture characterized by the presence of a gelled system which makes the application easy and the nitrocellulose that promotes quick drying.

Fluffy Velvet: velvet powder colored.

Does not contain:

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