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Keramin H Professional 100ml Keramine H

Keramin H Professional 100ml

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KERAMINE H Professional 100ml

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Keramin H Professional is the professional cream oxidation that can be achieved with simplicity 'needed results extremely accurate and vibrant colors and deep hues brilliant.

The newly developed formula enriched with keratin, a product ensures perfectly balanced and effective in coloring power.
Consistent results' accuracy and color, perfect coverage of gray hair and hair healthy and shiny thanks to the actions of cosmetic hydrolyzed keratin that protects the cuticle capillary.

How to use: Apply the mixture with the oxidizing emulsion at 20, 30 or 40 volumes depending on the chosen color from roots or lengths depending on the desired result and hold a pose for up to 35 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Value Tint / oxidizer: 1:2 (50ml color: 100ml oxidizer)

Keramin H Professional covers perfectly white hair.

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