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Koleston Perfect Wella

Koleston Perfect

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Koleston Perfect

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Koleston Perfect#2

Permanent color cream

Always use gloves. Do not wash your hair before coloring. Do not use metal bowls or mixers.

  1. MIX
    Always mix 1:1, for example: 60ml + 60ml Koleston Perfect oxidizing emulsion
    Exception: Special Blonde line, always mix 1:2, for example: 60ml + 120ml Koleston Perfect oxidizing emulsion

  2. Tone on tone colors OR MORE 'DARK 
    Apply the color starting from the base and immediately to the tips.
    First step: Apply the color on tips and lengths of 1-2 cm from the skin.
    Second step: Apply color later on the basis remained free.
    Apply the color on first base. Patients should be started where the percentage of white hair is more 'high. To apply the whitening product starting from where you want more schiaritura.In case of lightening, apply a larger amount 'of product compared to a normal color.
  5. UNIFORM 'along lengths and tips
    If necessary, after tempod the application, it is advisable to moisten the hair with good emulsifying acquaed Coore dala based on lengths and puntes
    The Special Mix tints are used to intensify or to correct it. Most 'Light is the base, the less' Special Mix to add, with the exception of the bases with a height of tone 11 and 12.
    The mixing ratio is 1 part color (+ Koleston Perfect Special Mix) mixed with 1 part of emulsion oxidizer), eg 30ml Koleston Perfect Special Mix + 2.5 ml + 32.5 ml emulsion oxidizer)
    Pure Applied intensifies individual sections or entire sections, mixed with oxidizing emulsion. To achieve the exceptionally brilliant color, applied to previously bleached hair.
    After the shutter speed color emulsify well with water and rinse thoroughly. Wash using a shampoo for colored hair.

Avoid product contact with eyes. Ocn water rinse immediately if product comes into contact with eyes. Use disposable gloves. Can 'cause allergic reaction. It 'important to observe certain precautions and do not use the product to avoid problems of greetings in the following cases: If you have already had an allergic reaction to hair dyes, if the skin is sensitized, highly irritated or if you have injuries. For instructions carefully read the instructions for use.
Keep out of reach of children. Do not make permanent just before or after staining. Do not use if you have previously applied a base color of metal salts. Follow the instructions carefully with regard to the exposure time (individual cases may be taken into account). Rinse the hair after application. Immediately rinse any remaining dye mixture deposited on skin or clothing. A heavy sweating can 'cause discoloration and staining tesuti. Use immediately the mixture of color. Discard any unused mixture of color. In the event of unexpected reactions such as severe redness, burning or rashes when applying, rinse immediately with lukewarm water and discontinue use of the product. Before you color your hair again, seek to follow the advice of a physician in order to prevent a possible worsening of the reaction. Do not leave the dye mixture in an airtight container, it couldswell and burst. We recommend a preliminary test the sensitivity '. Do not take the test alone to avoid the health hazards caused by an incorrectly made. Consult dermatlogo for the formalities' exact realization of the test.

Continuous exposure for professional reasons, such as cleaning agents, shampoos and soaps can 'cause a depletion of the mantle and the hydro-lipid layer of the skin coreneo. The skin of the hands is then to be particularly exposed to external agents and thus should be protected by special creams and disposable gloves to protect the hand well, is to recommend that the application of professional products is made in a well ventilated, avoid inhaling dust during the removal of the bleaching products. It 'should also, during regular medical visits, to be tested for verification of awareness of the products that can give an allergic reaction.

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