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Majiblond L'Oreal


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Majiblond hi.B.

  • Staining Superlight oxidation that acts on the entire hair fiber thanks to the active treating: ionen G (TM) and Incella. The hair more 'strong and resilient you can create perfect colors with extreme accuracy.
  • High bleaching power - 4 to 4 levels and 1 / 2 - on bases from natural light brown, without prior bleaching.
  • Perfect action neutralizing background of bleaching.


  1. PREPARATION: Cream Majiblond using combining the contents of a 50ml tube with 100ml of cream to oxidizing 40volumi for a tone and lightening up to 4-4 1 / 2. For bleaching of 3 tones mix with the oxidant cream in 30 volumes.

    Wear suitable disposable gloves.
    Use only recommended with oxidants (30 volumes or 40 volumes max.)
    The proportions (1 50ml tube with 100ml of oxidant cream).
    Do not use metal tools during application.
    It 'should make the preparation in a shaker - in which case open immediately after mixing to avoid splashing color.
    Mix until creamy.
  2. RINSE AND APPLICATION: apply with a brush to dry hair, unwashed.

    Retouching Color: Start the application by regrowth at the root. Total exposure time: 45 minutes. 5 minutes before the end of the exposure time, distribute throughout the length and the tips, adding a small amount 'of warm water (about 5 ml) prepared in the remainder. Massage. Leave for a few minutes. At the end of the exposure time, add a few drops of warm water, emulsify thoroughly. Rinse hair thoroughly until the water is not clear. Use a shampoo specifically for colored hair.
  3. COVER: Majiblond not cover gray hair. This' despite Majiblond can be applied in the presence of a low percentage of white hair cquando these are distributed evenly.




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