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Majirel L'Oreal


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Staining oxidation that acts on the totality 'of the hair fibers by treating agents: Ionen G (TM) and Incella. Hair is strong and durable, you can create perfect colors with extreme accuracy.

Majirel result: a deep color, bright, uniform from roots to ends and extremely durable, with a coverage of gray hair up to 100%.


Cream is used Majirel mixing the contents of 1 tube 50ml with 75ml of oxidant cream. The choice of dell'ossidante volumes (10 vol 20 vol 30 vol or 40 vol) varies depending on the preparation that you want to get (a larger volume corresponds to a higher degree of bleaching).

- Wear suitable disposable gloves.
- Use only oxidants are recommended for each color.
- Respect the proportions indicated.
- Do not use metal tools (pliers, combs, containers, etc.) for the application.
- You can make the preparation in a shaker.
- Mixing until mixture is creamy.
- In case of using a shaker, open immediately after mixing to prevent the outbreak of the shaker and sketches harmful product.


- Apply with a brush on dry hair, unwashed
- Begin the implementation of regrowth at the root.
- Shutter total: 35 minutes.
- Apply distribuiento on lengths and tips (always adding a small amount 'of warm water - about 5ml - arranging remaining)
- If the color of the lengths and tips is little altered (good color fastness, distribute the lengths and ends 5 minutes before the end of the shutter.
- If the color is mildly impaired (faded reflection), distributed over lengths and ends after 20 minutes of laying and leave on for another 5 minutes.
- If the color of the lengths and tips are much altered (loss of reflexes - up to 1 tone lighter), distributed over lengths and ends immediately and simultaneously applying to add a few drops of warm water.

- On expiry of the time of laying, emulsify thoroughly.
- Rinse hair thoroughly until the acuqa not clear
- Use a shampoo specifically for colored hair
- Do not use metal tools (pliers, comb, container, etc.)
- Apply no underlying layer thick enough to ensure excellent coverage of gray hair
- During installation you change the color of the preparation. Do not worry because this change has no impact on the outcome of the staining.

Majirel covers perfectly white hair.

- From 0 to 50% of white hair: Apply the desired color.

- From 50 to 100% white hair: mix the desired color 1 / 2 + 1 / 2 with a color series BaseQ gold (3) of the same height Majirel oxidant cream tones and 20 vol.


-start the application by the lengths and tips.
-leave on for 15 minutes, remove excess
- Ripreparare the product is applied on the roots and lengths and nuovamenmte on points, then leave on for 35 minutes.

LENGTHS AND DRILLING faded or too light (or who tend to reject the color) - TECHNIQUES IN COLOR
- Up to 1 tone shades of difference between the lengths and tips and nuance desired: Follow the instructions for editing the color.
- 2 to 3 shades of differences between the shades of the lengths and tips and shade desired. Apply the shade on the roots choice. Add 3 to 6 cm of a shade of hot Majirel the same height of tone in amiscela remaining and a small quantity 'of warm water. Apply to lengths and ends. Massaging. Leave on for 35 minutes.

LENGTHS AND DRILLING too dark or too
- Before applying the color you want, make a special bleaching with bleaching products on dry hair


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