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Mascara Vamp! Extreme Pupa

Mascara Vamp! Extreme

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Mascara Vamp! Extreme

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A revolutionary mascara for the lashes extreme volume immediate and dramatic effect.

Eyelashes extraordinarily emphasized in a moment?
Vamp! Extreme, thanks to its instantaneous release and generous, offering a passage from the first instant volume and extreme eyelash extra full and thick. The result? Immediately with a spectacular extreme hold and absolute comfort. Eyes are now in the foreground as the spotlight.

To maintain optimum performance of the product in time and 'fundamental close perfectly mascara screwing up a' click '.

Available in 1 tone 'color BLACK EXTRA effect deep black and instantaneous.

Low risk of allergies.
Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
Paraben free.
Maxi contained 12 ml

Starting from the base of the lashes and to comb with zigzag movements to the ends. Thanks to instantaneous release and the formula generous and rich, Vamp! Extreme delivers immediately extreme volume immediately!
Styling final use the applicator tip perpendicularly to the lashes to catch even the most 'court.

The high concentration of pigments from deep black and pure gives an instant color release for an effect ink on eyelashes.
The synergy between waxes high structuring power and the aqueous phase gelled by specific agents fills, surrounds and enhances the lashes making them more 'thick from the first application.
The polymers of the latest generation combined together provide a soft and flexible film and impeccable grip on the lashes for a perfect long in total comfort without smudging.

The applicator elastomer innovative design features a sinuous double section:

Woman to receive the maximum amount 'of product and allow extreme and immediate release
Elliptical to distribute the product evenly on the lashes

The brush, the elastic and flexible, allows an application comfortable, soft and smooth.

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