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Nail soft, split, brittle

The tip of the nail is the most fragile so it breaks easily, is
logical, therefore, experience has proven that, that is the point to be treated.
Giving a nail hardening almost immediately, nails cleaved, streaked or striped quickly found their normal appearance.
The return of strength, uniformity natural nail, is obtained by using dell'indurente nail MAVALA.

1) Remove all traces of enamel dall'unghia and wipe it with
2) Apply MAVALA NAIL HARDENER over the entire surface of the nail without touching the cuticle or the skin.

3) Use MAVALA NAIL HARDENER twice a week until your nails
are healthy and come back hard.
4) Do not apply MAVALA NAIL HARDENER under the nail, on cuticles it on the skin.

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