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Ongle LISSE Mavala


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Nail irregular and striated

The nails are often heavily rifled a problem that even the Polissia (sander-polisher) can eliminate.
MAVALA ongle-Liss leveling the surface irregularities of the nail and makes it instantly smooth and satin.

The application of the enamel after ongle-Liss is recommended to get a wonderful result.

Ongle-Liss is equally raccomanMdato to manicure for men.
Ongle-Liss remove the irregularities of the nail leveling its surface.
Ongle-Liss makes nail smooth and satin.

Application to be made before the manicure, if found that the surface of your nails is irregular.
Apply one coat of MAVALA 002 and then a coat of MAVALA ongle-Liss and let dry completely.

If you find that the nail is still uneven, apply a second coat of MAVALA ongle-Liss, but let it dry completely and then continue your regular manicure.

# Delete the irregularities of the nail
# Level the surface of the nail
# It makes nail smooth and satin
# Recommended for a manicure for men

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