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Depilatory wax Radipil lipo ARGAN Gabor

Depilatory wax Radipil lipo ARGAN

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Wax depilation cold soluble oil ARGAN

  • Argan: emollient and nourishing, is indicated for dry and chapped

Arga's tree, endemic of Morocco, the tree is considered more 'old on the planet (80 million years). The oil, extracted with an ancient ritual, it is used for centuries for its unique properties' considered superior to those of olive oil. In cosmetics it is used to prevent and combat the dryness of skin aging by protecting the connective tissue and as a powerful skin moisturizing agent.

Instructions for use
Remove the cap-off before placing the container into WAX HEATER. It 'also possible to heat the can in a water bath. Bring the product to complete the merger. Reached the correct temperature profile, with a spatula spread a thin layer of wax on the part to remove the hair following the hair growth. Apply a strip of paper in tnt taking care to make it stick well, pressing and tapping. Proceed tear precise and raking wrong way. After waxing apply an oil-based fluid to remove residual wax and make the skin soft.

400ml jar

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