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Depilatory wax Radipil lipo TITANIUM DIOXIDE Gabor

Depilatory wax Radipil lipo TITANIUM DIOXIDE

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Depilatory wax Radipil lipo TITANIUM DIOXIDE#2

Fat-soluble wax cold titanium dioxide

Formulation soft and creamy, made with top quality resins, titanium dioxide and oil white wine (FUI) for a hair removal easy, gentle and safe in all seasons

Instructions for use

Remove the cap-off before placing the container into WAX HEATER. It 'also possible to heat the can in a water bath. Bring the product to complete the merger. Reached the correct temperature profile, with a spatula spread a thin layer of wax on the part to remove the hair following the hair growth. Apply a strip of paper in tnt taking care to make it stick well, pressing and tapping. Proceed tear precise and raking wrong way. After waxing apply an oil-based fluid to remove residual wax and make the skin soft.

  • Titanium dioxide: ideal for sensitive and delicate as a paste wax which reduces the sticking effect and irritation

400ml jar

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