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Riflexil Professional Color Gabor

Riflexil Professional Color

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Riflexil Color Professional

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Permanent hair dye cream to touch up and small areas (mustache, eyebrows, sideburns, etc.)

  • water resistant
  • without ammonia
  • Perfect color even at neutral pH
  • Ideal for men and women
  • Fast color, intense and delicate

Riflexil Professional Color is a cream waterproof permanent dye to dye her hair, remodel, small areas and so on. PH acts much more 'low normal hair dye (near neutral pH), giving a delicate but intense color. Total coverage of white.

Use: mix in equal parts with the special spatula with the necessary quantity 'of Riflexil dye cream emulsion with equal Riflexil oxidant in a suitable container. You get a consistent and uniform cream, stretch the envelope pettitino in the area to be dyed. The shutter speed can 'vary from 8 to 15 minutes depending on the intensity' of color that you want to achieve. After the period of laying wipe with a dry cotton ball and wash with soap and water. The mixed product should be used immediately and can not 'be preserved. The quantity 'of product mix depends on the area you want to dye ch.

ES: 2cm dye + 10 drops of an oxidant for small areas.


  • 1 tube cream Riflexil about 30ml tincture
  • 1 bottle Riflexil oxidant emulsion 50ml about
  • 1 spatula for mixing
  • 1 comb / brush application

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