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Wax Heating electric roll-on cartridge refill Other brands

Wax Heating electric roll-on cartridge refill

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Wax Heating electric waxing cold be used with the appropriate cartridge refill roll-on.

Instructions for use:
Remove the handpiece dall'astuccio, remove the cap, remove the power cord located inside the handpiece, to slip the hand grip in the small spinet recognizable at the base of the handpiece and plug the other end of the wire in a outlet. Place the handpiece in a place where I can stay right and let it warm up for 30/35 minutes. When the wax will 'Ronta, spread it on the side along the direction of the hair, placing the handpiece in a prepared and safe, cut a strip the right length, or use depilatory strip pre-cut, make it stick well to the part where it was Apply the wax by pressing firmly along the direction of the hair, then rip decidedly wrong way. When the hair removal should be performed in an "obligation" (mustache, groin, etc.), rub the wax directly on the strip properly pre-cut and act as above. A particular strength helps maintain a constant temperature of the wax. After processing, unplug and then remove one from the main bunch.

Additional tips:
Never attacks the handpiece to the current without the cartridge inserted into the wax. Do not ever treat a surface of wet or damp skin. The cleaning of the handpiece must be done always when it is cold and detached from the mains. To clean the handpiece are suitable for all alcohol products. In case of malfunctions, never attempt to open the cabinet.

Technical characteristics:
Voltage 110-220/230 V. 50/60Hz
Total Weight 160 grams without cartridge
Patented and trademark.

Special features:
We installed a new model of resistance that can 'work equally at 24 volts (low voltage) and 110-220/230 volts and is autotermostata. CE has been successfully tested and the test suppressors. It has small size and anatomical grip. Has a warm-up time shortened. Has a revolutionary system of resistive heating on the bottom and a unique method of heat distribution (patented).

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