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ULTRA SWEET Treasures Honey Cream Conditioner Garnier

ULTRA SWEET Treasures Honey Cream Conditioner

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Restorative Balm cream for brittle hair, which break
with royal jelly, honey and propolis


For its new recipe tonic, specially prepared for the treatment of fragile hair, which break, Garnier Ultra Dolce collects 3 treasures of the hive:

  • royal jelly Reparation: revitalizing elixir known to strengthen hair from the root
  • propolis tonic: true natural glue produced by bees, known for its properties' soothing
  • honey nutrition: nectar millennial, always known for its sweetness and properties' nutrients.


A creamy and light, which instantly detangles hair and rinse well, patt aappesantire. The hair is wrapped in a rich and pleasant fragrance.

The result: intensely nourished, protected and sheltered from roots to ends, the hair found new strength. They re bright, soft and easy to comb. Shining beauty!



Bottle 200ml

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