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Grecian 2000

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Lotion that gradually gives hair a natural color to gray - hair of any color. It is not a dye.

Day by day Grecian gradually gives hair a natural color. You can stop at any time and leave some 'gray, or continue until the gray is completely gone.
It 's a lotion transparent, easy to use and requires no complicated mixing. Just apply it every morning for 3-4 weeks to dry hair until you reach the shade 'of color desired. To maintain sufficient purpose of applying 2 or 3 per week.

How does Grecian: between the proteins of hair, melanin is the factor of natural color and its presence determines the different color of hair. Over time, decreases melanin and the hair becomes more and more 'gray. Grecian replaces the melanin pigment acting in the same way, gives the hair its natural color in a few weeks.
It contains a special conditioner that gives body to the hair and makes them more 'easy to comb.

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